Proven approach for securing sensitive infrastructures

  • Plug trusted card in every computer
  • Secure sensitive data with information-centric protection software
  • Implement zero-trust networking concept
  • Enforce private cloud workload protection

Want to know more?

Why you should consider hardware-based security :

It is more efficient than software security products

It is impossible to hack remotely

It transfers control over your IT-platform from your vendor to you

Security Code – Security you can trust

Why Security Code?

Our technologies are integrated into the system to duplicate the potentially vulnerable nodes.

They ensure regulatory compliance with data security and privacy laws (GDPR etc.)

They enhance protection levels against both insider and external threat factors.

Our solutions reduce the risk of unauthorised data disclosure – protecting IP, protecting Company value and mitigation of associated costs.

Our solutions maintain system integrity by being embedded beneath the Operating System.

Data in the IT-infrastructure is secured everywhere from Endpoint to the Private Cloud.

Security Code helps you to stay safe and work remotely. Read more....