360 Degree Security

In 1995 a group of systems integrators and security specialists began to realise that the power of the networks they were creating, to store and manage data, could also become the ‘Achilles heel’ of their customers.

This team also recognised that to provide a completely trusted security solution they needed to adopt a 360 degree view of the systems and the data requiring protection.

Since then Trusted Access has dedicated itself to the development of security solutions designed to protect ever more complex IT infrastructures and the data these store and produce.

By taking this 360 degree view Trusted Access maintain a holistic approach to security and the solutions they continue to develop.

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Trusted Access Technologies – Security you can trust

A new way of
looking at Security

To create a holistic data protection strategy, organisations must quantify the value of each dataset they hold and apply appropriate data security controls to each.

Trusted Access provide tools to secure the most valuable data across a whole infrastructure.

We restrict data access and movement based on its sensitivity level. Our software recognises these sensitivity definitions and protects data through the entire network from every endpoint to the private cloud.

Unlike other data security solutions like Data Loss Prevention we provide a high level of accuracy and deliver no false positives.

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Why Trusted Access Technologies?

Our technologies are integrated into the system to duplicate the potentially vulnerable nodes.

They ensure regulatory compliance with data security and privacy laws (GDPR etc.)

They enhance protection levels against both insider and external threat factors.

Our solutions reduce the risk of unauthorised data disclosure – protecting IP, protecting Company value and mitigation of associated costs.

Our solutions maintain system integrity by being embedded beneath the Operating System.

Data in the IT-infrastructure is secured everywhere from Endpoint to the Private Cloud.