Security Code is an independent cyber security solutions developer for enterprises and government agencies. Our solutions protect customers from data loss, ransomware and targeted attacks. Security Code offers a unique security architecture that ensures data security all the way from endpoint through network to cloud. The key idea is to preserve sensitive data security while accepting the fact that underlying infrastructure might be vulnerable. Security Code has more than 400 developers in 3 R&D centers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Penza. Security Code protects over 32,000 organizations of all sizes.

We overlay basic security mechanisms, which might be flawed, by our own high-assurance controls.

Trust is a crucial part of our mindset. We want our customers to have trust in their systems despite any vulnerabilities and incidents. We want our customers to have trust in us and our products so we provide product transparency program. It guarantees absence of any suspicious code in our products.
Security Code is acknowledged by Gartner as a Cloud Workload Protection Platform and Information Centric Endpoint and Mobile Protection platform developer.

Company has technical partnerships with Microsoft, VMware, Kaspersky lab, Intel.

Our Business and Partner Strategy is built upon 3 key pillars of focus underpinned by our commitment to the continued development of innovative and highly effective security solutions based on
the 360 vision of our founders.


Our technologies are integrated into the system to duplicate the potentially vulnerable nodes.


They ensure regulatory compliance with data security and privacy laws (GDPR etc.)


They enhance protection levels against both insider and external threat factors.


A regional focal point of innovation

The Middle East & North Africa Region represents a unique opportunity for Trusted Access to market its solutions.

The Middle East is a focal geography for some of the most exciting innovations in Finance and Banking, Research and Manufacturing and, therefore, there is an inherent need to protect the data associated with these projects.

We are focusing our efforts in:

Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
North Africa
South Asia

Our Middle East Team


Andrey Golov


Andrey Golov is the Chief Executive Officer at Security Code. He has more than 15 years of executive experience on IT and Security positions. He is responsible for overall strategy for overseeing all business functions, go-to-market activities, attainment of our strategic, operational and financial goals.

Andrey has degree in mathematics, financial analysis and MBA degree in IT management.


Dmitry Zryachikh


Dmitry Zryachikh Is the Chief Technology Officer at Security Code. His core responsibilities include leading the company’s product management, research and development (R&D) and quality assurance (QA) initiatives from concept to delivery.

Dmitry graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in information security.

Dmitry holds MBA degree from Moscow international MIRBIS Business School


Fedor Dbar


Fedor Dbar Is the Chief Customer Officer at Security Code. He manages worldwide sales field operations and channel sales, focusing on customer experience.

He graduated from State University of Management with degree in management.

Anis Khasun

Business Development
& Operations

Pavel Korostelev

Product Marketing

Pavel Salmin

Sales operations

Salman Khan

Sales manager