Answering the Challenges facing today’s CISO

“For large, cloud-based workload deployments, cloud security posture management
capabilities should be considered mandatory.”

Source: Gartner



Cloud Security Posture
Management Platform



Trusted Access vGate provides an effective and secure means to manage endpoints in enterprises with large cloud based workload deployments.

It is designed specifically to ensure privileged access to confidential and sensitive data is effectively secured.

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Benefits of the solution include:

  • Prohibited access of cloud administrator to virtual machines storing confidential data
  • Sensitive network segmentation
  • Automation-ready management
  • Automated audit of private cloud posture to ensure compliance requirements are met


Distributed Infrastructure support

  • VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V support.
  • Simultaneous work with both virtualization vendors.
  • High availability cluster of vGate authentication servers.
  • vCenter Server Appliance, vCenter HA and vCenter Linked Mode support.
  • Works with any guest OS on virtual machine.
  • Works on any vSphere editions.

Access separation for Segregation infrastructure

  • Separation of administrative and security roles.
  • Security officer can approve changes to virtual machines.
  • Context-based access control based on data classification level.
  • Control of administrative access to data processed by virtual infrastructure.

Hypervisor level Firewall

  • Layer 2 firewall.
  • Network traffic filtering based on VM name, IP- and MAC-address.
  • Virtual machine migration support.
  • Centralised rule-base management.
  • Works with any virtual Switch:
    • Standard
    • Distributed
    • 3rd Party

Logging and reporting

  • Enhanced security logging.
  • Detailed reports on administrative actions, configurations changes, security status and compliance.
  • In-depth forensic analysis.
  • Event aggregation and correlation.

Centralised management

  • Account and access management.
  • Security components deployment.
  • Management automation.
  • SIEM integration.
  • Virtual machine name based policy enforcement.

Compliance templates

  • Security templates for various standards:
    • PCI DSS
    • VMware Hardening Guide
    • CIS Benchmark
  • Local templates could be created upon request.