Continent 4

Enterprise Firewall

New opportunities of the "Continent" 4th generation

Our holistic approach to endpoint security is the answer


Continent 4 identifies and controls network application by user and stops sophisticated attacks through network.

Completely reworked operating system and purpose built appliances ensure future-proof performance and protection.

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Benefits of the solution include:

  • Comprehensive solution for all Enterprise firewall use cases
  • Efficient threat protection
  • Unified management


Network protection

  • Application control.
  • Intrusion prevention
    • In-house developed signatures
  •  IP reputation basedfilter (Anti-bot).
  • Network anomaly detection.
  • SSL encryption.
  • User identification
    • Active Directory integration
    • Agent based

High performance

  • Reworked L3 firewall
    • Up to 80 Gbit/s – throughput on traffic of any size
    • Performance doesn’t – depend on rule count
  • IPS performance acceleration.
  • VPN accelerator
    • Up to 20 Gbit/s throughput
    • Low latency


  • Centralised management
    • Devices
    • Firewall policy
    • VPN-networks
    • Key distribution
  • All management elements unified in single console.
  • Role Based access control.

Logging and reporting

  • Web based monitoring GUI.
  • Admin audit log.
  • Real-time monitoring.